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Welcome to the htE Dove!


The htE Dove tracking system is a method of transparency we use to allow you to track each step of an upcycling process of donations. When you donate an article of clothing or fabric to us, you are provided with a receipt that features a tracking number, similar to a package tracking number. This number allows you online access to learn about how your donation is being used (i.e. when we received it, where it was taken, what it became). Your donation is repurposed into a new design by a survivor, and in the process, you learn the survivor's story and become a part of his or her journey to self-empowerment. Once your donation is created into a new look, you will even have the option to buy it back before it is opened up to our shoppers!


Similarly, if you purchase a repurposed design from a survivor, you will be provided with the htE Dove tracking number to view the history of the item and to learn about the designer. This number will also be available to you through your order history. 


We are currently in the developmental phases of htE Dove’s online presence. In the meantime, you will receive the same tracking information via email.

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