Welcome to our first Virtual Gallery Showcase!

From August 13-October 29 of 2020, our participants journeyed through 12 Weeks of Creative Expression, experimenting with graphite, paints, writing, voice exercises, paper crafts and more! We hope you enjoy their beautiful creations below.

A Photographic Journey of 123MEE's Art, Spanning the last 2 Years

Digital Art by Abigail D.

Aromatherapy Tutorials

In addition to all the visual arts you see above, Dabblers Corner Arts led for us a wonderful Aromatherapy workshop with these beautiful how-to images, a guided instructional, and various recipes for personal care products!

Want to see more? 

As part of our 12 Week program, we also teach survivors the basics of entrepreneurship and marketing. Many of our participants have made beautiful designs to share with you via our Etsy Shop. Click here to continue supporting our participants and shopping for unique handmade designs for yourself or your loved ones!

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