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Our first shop listing with NYAWC!

From the htE Shop, Designed by: Samiomor

Yesterday, at our 9th here there and EVERYwhere workshop at NYAWC, we taught one of our survivors and designer Samiomor to take pictures and upload her finished product* to the htE shop. The pillow you see above was her first design, next week you will see two more of examples of her blossoming creativity. The process was wonderful. Samiomor spent about 2-3 weeks perfecting her first project, and was very uncertain of her skills in the beginning. Watching her confidence grow and design skills take over has been an incredible learning process for all of us.

While we have all been teaching the survivors new skills, in turn they have taught us so much more – the power of a smile, encouragement, motivation. The importance of being flexible when facing unexpected changes. The ability to be a student before a teacher, because at the end of the day, we are all growing and learning.

At htE, we are building a community, a community that encourages one another to be creative and express one’s self, while helping one another out. For any feedback, concerns, comments, or if you would like to get involved (especially CMS Drupal developers), please feel free to contact us! And remember to visit our shop!

*By purchasing this product, you will also be receiving a htE Dove tracking code, which will reveal to you what donations were used to make this final product, as well as a brief background story of the survivor’s.

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