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We have launched!

Our first designer - Samiomor!

The past weekend was our 10th workshop, and we are thrilled to announce the first launch of our designer's product lines: Samiomor! From the intrigue and frustration of learning how to set up the thread on a sewing machine, laughing to the realization that the sewing machine wasn't working because the power was not plugged in, to Samiomor's now confident and excited movements on the sewing machines on the highest speed level: we have all witnessed and undergone our own individual transformations over the past few months. And with Samiomor's product launch, we would like to share with you the fruits of our adventure so far. Repurposed Treasures - for Both Supporters and Survivors All the products designed and hand-made by our survivors/designers are made using donated materials from supporters like you! htE Graduation Program - Sewing Machines for Survivors Please support Samiomor by adding her personal touch to your home and wardrobe, as 100% of the profit will be given to Samiomor. Most of the survivors' residency at a shelter is limited to 3 months, and in response, we have launched the htE Graduation Program: as our mission is to empower survivors here there and EVERYwhere (and not just 'here' at the shelters), we will cover any additional funds the graduating survivor may need to begin her new life with a sewing machine of her own. Please take a closer look! Check out the survivors' designs on Etsy.

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