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Our New Designers: Sajanour & Numoni

This coming weekend will be our 30th workshop at NYAWC! We would like to thank all of you have donated your clothing and goods to our workshops, and who continue to support our efforts in working with survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. This has been a group effort, and we are pleased to announce new designs by two survivors: Sajanour and Numoni!

On November 1st, 2014, Sajanour completed her first project: a nursing pillow for her baby girl. Sajanour had seen nursing pillows in stores before, but they were too expensive. Nursing pillows aid mothers in releasing their lower backs and providing better support for both the mother and baby. Coming into her first here there and EVERYwhere workshop at NYAWC, Sajanour saw the possibility of creating her own nursing pillow using a pink cotton dress in the pile of donations. She worked with htE volunteers to determine the best size and shape for this design. Using cotton stuffing from a donated blanket, she was able to create the soft and supportive nursing pillow she’d been hoping for. She is now working on re-sizing some outfits for her daughter, and then will be weaving a repurposed fabric rug. Stay tuned for more from Sajanour!

From the htE Shop, Designer: Numoni

Numoni, a mother of a six-month old baby girl, has designed her first set of two pink flower pillows. Inspired by the vivid colors and texture of the fabric, Numoni designed a complimentary square and circle pillow set. As the holidays approach, you can give these as a gift or use them on your sofa, bed, chair, etc. and brighten your room! Learn more about Numoni and purchase her pillow! All profit from her sale will benefit her directly, empowering her to pursue her goals independently.*

Remember to check out our other designer’s works on Etsy! Your support means a lot to us and the survivors.

*By purchasing this product, you will also be receiving a htE Dove tracking code, which will reveal to you what donations were used to make this final product, as well as a brief background story of the survivor’s.

With Love, here there and EVERYwhere

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