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We All Can Make A Change: A Motto Realized and Actualized

Before our launch in April of 2014, we made multiple pitches to various funding sources. In each of those pitches we told our audience that we have as our motto the belief that, "We Can All Make A Change." But at the time, with only our blind courage and innocent passion as our driving force, we were both excited and nervous about the anticipated yet unpredictable challenges to come. In a sense, we were hoping that our motto would be a self-actualizing premonition, an unconscious encouragement. Now, a year since our launch, we can say confidently, that our motto indeed has been actualized, but not in a self-actualizing fashion. As cliche as it may sound, it was with the establishment of the 'We' in its truest form, that manifested the 'change' not only externally, but within ourselves. It was the passing words of encouragement, the inquiries, and the love and support of sympathizers and volunteers that brought about the change. It is not htE that can make a change. It is all of us: "We All Can Make A Change."

On Sunday April 12th, our one year anniversary, our first designer Samiomor showcased her designs at the Media4Humanity White Party fashion show in Central Park, raising funds to combat child trafficking. It was an inspiring event and Samiomor was thrilled to see her designs walk. Look below for more of her designs.

In other news, last month we received our 501(c)3 status! If you would like to contribute monetary donations to us, we are now able to provide you with tax deductions. We appreciate the generosity and support - We could not do it without you! With love, here there and EVERYwhere

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