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A New Curriculum: The 12 Week Program

On Sunday, August 7th we launched our new htE workshops curriculum with the domestic violence shelter, Food First Inc. Our program now spans 12 weeks, the average amount of time a survivor receives residential assistance from shelters in NYC. With the knowledge and expertise of the many creative individuals volunteering with our programs, we are now able to teach a different vocational and art skill each week, allowing survivors to explore the multiple areas of art and design to find the right creative platform for themselves. From sewing to fabric painting to jewelry carving, there is much for everyone to learn! In addition, we now also have a children's program, conducting art therapy workshops for the survivors' children. We are excited for the new direction and have received amazing support from old and new volunteers. As our team and program grows, we hope to never stop making a difference. If you would like to volunteer or donate to us, please contact us or donate here. A little support can go a long way :) With love, here there and EVERYwhere

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