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The Start of Something New: International Women's Day & a New Cycle

It has been awhile since our last blog post and we are excited to share with you new updates from our most recent event and workshop! We are also in the midst of implementing many new changes for 2017, including design updates for our blog, social media channels, and new website. We will also be streamlining all our information to you, so stay tuned!

On Wednesday, March 8th, here there and EVERYwhere and our participants’ designs were featured as part of the International Women’s Day Rally at Wagner College, Staten Island. Our new development intern, Kelly Glenn, was an integral part of organizing this beautiful event at Wagner with her fellow students and faculty. The Women of Wagner (WOW), along with our amazing volunteers helped make this a successful event, displaying and selling many of the one-of-a-kind items made by survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking participating in htE’s art therapy and vocational training workshops, including multiple 100% silver hand-carved rings, a tie-dye skirt, and a clutch bag!

“Putting together a rally to celebrate International Women's Day was so important to our group, Women of Wagner,” said Kelly Glenn, “Standing together as a community united under the shared cause of women's rights was unforgettable. The turnout numbers were greater than we expected and the enthusiasm was equally amazing. One of the greatest highlights was the immediate support our attendees showed for here there and EVERYwhere.”

The support we received at Wagner made possible the $106.92 in sales and $60 in donations, as well as the survivor’s sales total of $153.80! The survivors’ profits will be sent to them directly, either by check or with a purchase of materials so that they can continue working on their unique designs.

A few days later on Monday, March 13th, a new cycle of our 12 week art therapy and vocational training program began with new participants joining us and old participants returning. Our first week began with Vision Board creations and a Sewing 101, while the survivors’ children made collages and art with our volunteers. The survivors learned to use collages to create a vision for themselves and their future as designers and artists. They sat in a circle and discussed the ideas of their vision boards together and sifted through magazines to cut out pictures that expressed themselves.

The second half of the workshop was dedicated to learning the basics of our sewing machines. As you can imagine, learning to use a sewing machine can be overwhelming, but with the help and leadership of one of our returning participants from 2014, Sajanour, the workshop was a success! In future weeks, survivors will have an opportunity to use these sewing skills to create many products for themselves, their children, and to sell, ranging from pillows, to handbags and clothing. We will be participating in different local markets and events, and will share with you information on these as they come along! The workshop ended with the survivors, new and returning, sharing their future and artistic vision boards along with their mini lavender pillows. We are excited to see what the future weeks hold!

With love, here there and EVERYwhere

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