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Effects of Increased Perceived Self-Efficacy Through Creative Opportunities on the Cycle of Violenc

Creative opportunities increase people’s perceived self-efficacy; the belief in their capabilities to complete tasks and manage situations. This perceived self-efficacy is imperative for the recovery of survivors of domestic abuse, whose confidence was chipped away by the cycle of violence...

This was the result from Cody Tarantini's research and experience last semester, as she interned with here there and EVERYwhere in various areas including workshop facilitation, program development, marketing, and administration. Cody is currently completing her psychology major at Wagner College and after 100 hours of volunteer work with us, she synthesized her observations into this research paper investigating the effects of creative expression on confidence.

“I wholeheartedly believe that htE’s workshops offer a safe-space for self-expression, creativity, and confidence-building,” says Cody. While “official” art therapy requires a licensed psychologist to interpret the client’s art, the flow state that our workshops facilitate (see Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s research), definitely provides an opportunity for healing, as well as learning new skills!

Special thanks to Cody for this research paper!

**Please note: all participants' names in this research paper have been changed for security and confidentiality purposes.

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