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Two New Designers, Two New Shops!

An amazing consequence of being an ongoing nonprofit is having participants gather the skills they need to launch their very own businesses. Throughout our sessions participants learn a variety of skills in the arts including jewelry making, sewing, and fabric design. However, we also believe in the importance of taking the next step; to make their creations take participants somewhere.

Not only do we have the privilege of equipping survivors with the skills to produce their creative visions, but the entrepreneurial skills workshop provides the foundation to set them on the path to financial independence. We believe in the importance of survivors seeing themselves succeed while doing something they love.

Two of our ladies who have been with us for several workshops have recently taken their work to the next level by opening Etsy shops of their own: Cool Beads Boutique and Dabblers Corner Arts!

Launched last year, Cool Beads Boutique features jewelry using Swarovski crystals for that necessary sparkle in your life. Here you can find a range of pieces from rings to bracelets, giving you the perfect pop of bling for a casual or evening look. Feeling something sleek and sophisticated? Her black bands have got you covered. If you’re feeling funky and loud, bright colors aren’t hard to find, either!

Our newest launch, Dabblers Corner Arts, features jewelry that incorporates natural crystals and stones with metal and wood beads. These pieces each have a story to tell, as the stones have unique healing properties. For example, "It is said that turquoise, a stone once containing sacred value to ancient cultures contains energetic properties to clear the throat chakra, aiding in communication, while others value it as a protective stone." A piece of jewelry with aesthetic beauty and improving your life? Talk about two birds with one stone- literally. Take a look at some of her designs below and see how her work can help you in more ways than one at her site here.

Aside from her jewelry shop, this multi-talented artist also has pieces on the htE shop, including a woven accent rug, wall piece and decorative coaster which you can find on the htE Etsy!

We are in awe of the creativity and dedication that brought both designers here and have loved being a part of the journey. We hope to work with many more survivors to help them open their own stores.

The members of the htE team along with the designers cannot express enough appreciation for those who have donated supplies and their time to make this possible. Support goes a long way and helps push us towards our dreams! Thank you all.

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