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New Year, New Cycle, and New Volunteers

Photos: (Left) Beads from htE Workshop; (Right) Kathlin Argiro's fashion design process samples

Happy belated New Years to you and your loved ones! Once again it has become the time for us at htE to announce that we have launched our spring cycle! We just finished our third session last Friday with a fashion design introduction and lesson by designer and teacher Kathlin Argiro, and are looking forward to the rest of the season. This cycle we are focusing on two forms of art: upcycling fabric and jewelry items while also engaging in storytelling. This is of course, in combination with our emphasis on entrepreneurship and vocational training. Some have already decided to hone in on certain skills, whether it be beadwork, sewing, or painting!

With the launch of our new cycle, we are welcoming two new volunteers: May Adra and Morgan Booker! They are students of the Applied Theater Masters Program at CUNY. As part of their thesis, "YourSewn", they are working with htE and the Family Justice Center to incorporate storytelling and movement into our sessions to foster discussions and inspire the community. Their goal is to add an element of theatre to the pieces that will be made to add an "extra personal touch", as well as some tips and tricks that will help our fellow entrepreneurs in the sessions. Look out for what is to come!


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