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5 Things You Didn't Know Your Sewing Machine Could Do!

A participant sent us this helpful video that we knew we had to share! The video shares five things that many people just don't know that their sewing machine does.

1. Hemming

By using a "rolled hem foot", that you probably already have in your sewing kit, you can hem your pants that are a little too long. Also, make sure to iron the fabric that you are planning on hemming flat for accuracy.

2. Embroidery

To do this, your stitch width and length should be set to zero. Place your fabric in an embroidery hoop and spin the control knob with your hand to embroider instead of using the foot pedal. The video also provides instructions for a more intricate method called "thread painting"

3. Pouncing

Pouncing, as described by the video, is an old trick used to transfer large paintings to walls. This is done by tracing a design and poking holes with the sewing needle. After tracing the design, you pour a white powder over the design on top of the fabric or wall leaving a trace of the design.

4. Yarn Drawing

This is basically sewing yarn onto fabric. But, this method can also be used on things other than yarn. The video mention how it was used to sew an electroluminescent wire onto Scarlet Johansson's costume in the Avengers!

5. Making Button Holes

This is a fairly simple technique but it requires a lot of accuracy! Be sure to measure your button and add in an additional 1/8 of an inch to the fabric that will become the button hole. Also, use very precise and sharp scissors when creating the hole.

We invite you to watch the video for more information and to try out some of these on your own sewing projects!

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