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We Were Featured in Harvard's Women's Policy Journal!

Yes, you read that right! Two of our participants created beautiful paintings (featured below) and they were featured in the most recent edition of Harvard's Women's Policy Journal!

Cosplay Empowerment

The painting to the left is called "Cosplay Empowerment". Her painting is her interpretation of cosplay model Inevitable Betrayel as a character, Kaylee from the TV show Firefly. Her fascination with cosplay began when she was a child with the "power of costumes at Halloween". She is particularly fascinated with how costumes can give you the opportunity to "set aside how you saw yourself, how the world labeled you, and freely express yourself for a day". As she grew older, cosplay became popular. She viewed cosplay as a year-long occasion for people to explore their self-confidence. Fortunately, her fascination with cosplay is something that she was been able to participate in a couple of times.

The photo on the right is of an oil painting on canvas by our second featured participant. She called this painting "Liberdade", which is the Portuguese word for "freedom". As one can decipher, our participant created this painting in honor of women's freedom. It was inspired by the "vibrancy and the complexity of the body's movements in combination with nature". One can immediately sense this from the raised arms of the woman as well as her hair and fabric being carried by the wind. Creating this piece brought a total connection with her soul, to which she explained is an amazing feeling. She explains that her work, including this painting, are a picture of her feelings of her "heart and gratitude". She hoped that it gives viewers a sense of the same emotions that she felt. I can confidently speak for all of us and say that it definitely does!

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