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NYFW: Sustainable Designers to Look out for!

This past week was New York Fashion Week and naturally we were inspired to spotlight brands and designers that are sustainable. Other than the three designers mentioned here, Levi's, H&M Conscious, and Eileen Fischer along with other clothing brands are sustainable! If your looking to rock some sustainable pieces on social media or find new designers, use the hashtag #wearourvalues. This is a new social media campaign that is focused on making sustainable and ethical fashion to norm. Using this hashtag is your way of urging the fashion industry to be more sustaiable and ethical!

Runway Look of the Spring 2020 collection

Collina Strada

Sustainable designer Hillary Taymour's show titled "Thank You Very Much for Helping Me" drew quite the storm this fashion week! She based her show around the idea of being kinder and more aware to our treatment of our environment. To portray this, she held the show at Stuyvesant Square Park and gifted all of the attendees with reusable bags. Not to mention that she had an open farmers market at the end of show. Most importantly, nearly all of her designs were created from up-cycled fabric!

Mara Hoffman

Hoffman creates women's clothing using pre and post- consumer waste. She does this to reduce as much waste as possible. In addition, Hoffman uses various sustainable fabrics such as hemp, compostable poly bags, and organic linen. She did not have a show this fashion week, however she did release a new collection, which I am sure we can agree includes beautiful designs!

Sophie Andes Gascon

Gascon is an upcoming Brooklyn-based designer. She also happens to be the well-known designer, Maryam Nassir Zadeh's design assistant. Her one- of a kind pieces are mostly created by using recycled fabric. She has used all kinds of fabric and textiles from Brazilian city worker's uniforms to her neighbor's old dish rags. The purpose of the unique fabrics she uses is unique because it is to make her feel at home when creating her designs. Many times she is away from her family so this is her way to feel a sense of comfort and connection.

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