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Domestic - a Short Film, Based on a True Story

Four years ago, in 2016, our Co-Founder Tanya began working closely with one of our earliest participants Milica and Tanya's creative team at The Enlivened Collective to produce a short film based on Milica's story. The film went through various iterations over the years and we're excited to now, in light of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, share with you the final piece: Domestic.

Domestic is based on the story of one woman, but represents the story of millions. Set to the beautiful folk song "Norway" by Mark Lotterman, the short film shines a light on the complexity of domestic violence and the difficulties when leaving a violent home and seeking independence. We hope you will enjoy the film and share it with your friends and family, helping us spread awareness of domestic violence. If you wish to support the film and our program, which continues to empower survivors like Milica, please consider donating to here there and EVERYwhere here:

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