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Springing Through 2022 - April Showcase

We can never believe how quickly 12 weeks go by, and this time was no exception. Our Spring 2022 virtual cycle came to a close in May and we are still celebrating the new members, talents, and growth that we've acquired throughout the journey.

Incorporating our participant feedback from previous cycles, we introduced a new kind of intention-setting for the group. We kicked off the term with a lesson on photo journaling, the process of taking a photo or photos that represent your mood or moral from the day. We were set off to take photos representing the prompts of “I Am”, “I Love”, and “I Envision”.

With learning new media also comes new pathways for creativity and honing our brands. Participants continued to thread photography throughout the remaining workshops as it felt true to their visions.

We also love to see how our survivors continuously make and share sustainable art with the group. One of our longtime participants walked us through the uncharted world of paper mache and decoupage. We thank her for expanding our view of the possibilities with a simple piece of paper.

To continue our exploration of new media, we worked on the integration of design and photography concepts through multi-media collage. Participants' personalities emerged when given free rein of paper, photo, and fabric. Here's where our imaginations travelled:

We ended our cycle with teaching artists who took us to the next level in familiar practices. Loop of the Loom led weaving workshops with ribbon and yarn. Those of us who attended our weaving workshops had progress to share!

To close us out, we learned more about Japanese Ikebana design and made flower arrangements to last us until we meet again.

Missing the classic lineup? You can take a look at some more wonderful projects from our Spring cycle below!

See you when the leaves change,


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